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Israel – Palestine: Violence escalates despite truce  

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Israel – Palestine: Violence escalates despite truce  

Violence continues to escalate in the Middle-East, as Palestinian militants stepped up their rocket attacks against Israel. The Israeli military says around 150 rockets have been fired into their country in the past week.
Nobody has claimed responsibility for the rockets, but it is believed they have been launched by members of the fringe Salafi group which is sympathetic to al-Qaeda
Israeli authorities have advised those who live in the south to stay indoors or close to fortified shelters.
Meanwhile Israel has launched air raids on Hamas security targets, wounding at least 20 people according to medical officials in Gaza.
Israel confirmed it struck two militant targets, but denied claims by Hamas of a third air raid which killed a six year old boy. Following a flair up in violence on Monday, a truce between the two sides had been brokered by Egypt on Wednesday, temporarily bringing some calm. But that now seems to be unravelling.


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