Egypt: Election result on Sunday

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Egypt: Election result on Sunday

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It has been reported that the result of Egypt’s presidential run-off election will be announced on Sunday afternoon.

In the meantime, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi remain in Cairo’s Tahrir Square day and night. They feel sure that the run-off election saw the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate beating Ahmed Shafiq – a former military man and member of the old regime – but the military council are trying to find a way to hold on to power.

Despite a war of words between the two former enemies, both sides have confirmed they are hoping to resolve the situation through discreet negotiations behind the scenes.

Talks have been ongoing and now a compromise may have been reached that will see Egypt take the next step from revolution to democracy. Some remain heavily suspicious following the long delay.

“We believe the election result has been delayed because something is going on. The results came though two days ago, so why have they still not been released? The military council don’t want Morsi, we think they want Shafiq. So they are trying to find a way to make it so that he’s the one who wins the election,” said one pro-Morsi protester.

Many are hoping that an announcement tomorrow will bring an end to unrest and allow the country to return to some normality.