Egypt: Anger mounts in Tahrir Square over delayed poll results

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Egypt: Anger mounts in Tahrir Square over delayed poll results

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Egypt’s Islamist presidential candidate says his movement will go on protesting a power grab by the ruling military.

Mohammed Morsy said the army was defying the will of the people and that the results of last Sunday’s election must be announced without delay.

However he also took pains to ease tension.

“There is no problem between us and the military forces. They are the children of Egypt. They make up this people.

“Sometimes they are right and other times they are wrong,” Morsy told a news conference, denouncing constitutional decrees by the army – giving the generals broad new powers and dissolving the Islamist-led parliament.

In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, tens of thousands of people, mostly rallied by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, urged the army to relinquish power.

“The military must give up politics and go back to its basic role which is protecting the country,” said protester Abdel Nasser Hijab.

“The delay in releasing the results raises doubts and I think what the military council is doing by making this constitutional declaration shows that it does not want to hand over power,” said fellow demonstrator Hassan Subaih.

Both Morsi and his rival, ex-general Ahmed Shafik, have presented themselves as winners of the poll.

With Egypt’s future uncertain, the health crisis of ousted President Hosni Mubarak is raising tension further.