War of words heats up as Egypt awaits presidential winner

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War of words heats up as Egypt awaits presidential winner

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Both sides in Egypt’s presidential election are stepping up the war of words amid the vacuum created by the delayed result.

To the delight of his supporters, former Egyptian general Ahmed Shafiq hit back at his Islamist opponent who had declared victory on Monday.

Hosni Mubarak’s former prime minister said:
“As a presidential candidate and based on the numbers of ballots throughout Egypt, as well as our own surveys, I am fully confident I will be the legitimate winner.”

Shafiq accused Mohamed Morsi of of trying to put pressure on the electoral commission by calling for street protests.

Tens of thousands of the Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters again gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square overnight to protest against ongoing military rule.

“Morsi is the real president. The civil organisations and the rights organisations here declare that the real president is Morsi,” said one man.

“How could Ahmed Shafik win?” asked another Brotherhood supporter. “Only through fraud. And Shafik could never win, because the vote percentages are already known, and we have the reports from all the polling stations.”

The electoral commission, made up of judges appointed under Mubarak, says it needs more time to investigate candidates’ complaints before announcing the result.