Anti-austerity pensioners invade German consulate in Barcelona

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Anti-austerity pensioners invade German consulate in Barcelona

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A group of pensioners in Barcelona has taken to the streets and invaded the German consulate to protest against the country’s stance over the euro crisis.

They are part of a growing organisation called “iaioflautas”, combining Spanish terms for grandfather and street people.

Wearing trademark yellow fluorescent jackets, they have taken to occupying banks.

“We don’t agree we should be paying the debt of the banks. And as Mrs Merkel is responsible for all the trouble in Spain, as it has been German banks that have lent us the money and now they want their money back with high interest – we don’t want that,” said one protester.

Another activist said they wanted a bailout for Spanish citizens, not the banks.

Given their age – the oldest is 84 – the demonstrators get some leeway from the police. And so the protest went right inside the German consulate – past a solitary, bemused employee who was powerless to stop them.