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  • Turkey detains four suspected Syrian smugglers in connection with the capsizing of a boat on Wednesday, which resulted in five children drowning.
  • More than 100 migrants arrested after arriving in Libya’s port city of Tripoli
  • Two Vice News journalists arrested earlier this week in Turkey on charges of having links to a terrorist organisation have been released
  • Overloaded wooden boat carrying Indonesian migrants has sank off the coast of Malaysia killing at least 14
  • Hungary: police stops local trains near Sopron at the Austrian border telling refugees to get off. Clashes between Hungarian police and refugees.
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The results of Egypt’s presidential election have been delayed adding to the tension in Tahrir Square.
The people had been expecting to discover the winner today. Now they will have to wait until the weekend.

The problem is said to be due to the number of voting appeals but some like the Speaker of Egypt’s dissolved parliament, Saad al-Katatni smell a political rat:

“The military council, in an indirect manner, is not going to hand over power on June 30. And after the drawing up of the constitution, they will keep hold of legislative powers until the election of a new parliament. This could take months, it could take years.”

Last weekend’s presidential run-off pitted Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy against former Hosni Mubarak ally Ahmed Shafiq. Both claim to have won.

Many of the thousands filling Tahrir Square are unconvinced there is any need to delay declaring the official winner.

“There’s nothing wrong with the number of votes counted,” said one protester. “The number of votes which was announced by Mohamed Morsy’s campaign is the same as those announced by the Judges.”

“Delaying the results of the election means there is an intention to rig it. They mean to betray the elected president,” added another.

Those who are already critical of the military’s decision to dissolve parliament and to decree the army sweeping new powers have become even more angry.

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