Egyptians protest against military 'power-grab'

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Egyptians protest against military 'power-grab'

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Thousands of Egyptians have once again filled Tahrir Square in Cairo, this time to protest against what they see as a ‘constitutional coup’ by the ruling military council.

As voters turned out to elect a new president, the generals dissolved parliament and claimed all legislative power for themselves.

One protester told euronews:” We are here to ask why each time we take one step forward, the military council takes us ten steps back. Neither a resolution passed by a court designated by Mubarak nor a military council can dissolve a parliament elected by 30 million Egyptians.

“Firstly we are here demonstrating against the power of the military and the dissolution of parliament,” said another protester. “It doesn’t make sense to elect a president with no powers and with a constitutional council already in place, I dont see why the military would want to form a new one.”

Although the official results for the presidential poll aren’t due until Thursday, both the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed Mursi and former Mubarak ally Ahmed Shafiq claim they’ve won.

Euronews reporter Riad Muasess said: “The election results will be known shortly; whoever has won it will confirm that the Egyptian people are split in two a year and a half after the revolution. Even so Tahrir Square remains the place for protests.”