Confusion over Mubarak's health

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Confusion over Mubarak's health

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Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is said to be in a coma and on life support after suffering a stroke. There is confusion over his exact condition – some reports have declared he is clinically dead.

Mubarak ruled Egypt for three decades before his overthrow in last year’s Arab Spring. He was given a life sentence last month for complicity in the deaths of protesters.

Many ordinary Egyptians remain sceptical over the truth coming from the authorities. Newspapers carrying the conflicting reports over his health have prompted mixed reactions.

“We do not need anything from him or his family, we want then to leave us alone because we have got tired of them. We are looking forward to the better people ruling us.We want to live, we need security, we need a decent life, we need freedom,” said one man.

“Whatever he did and whatever happened we did live under his rule for thirty years without being involved in wars. Yes, under his regime there were very poor people, but there were also some good individuals,” added another..