No food and drink price hikes for Euro 2012 in Ukraine

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No food and drink price hikes for Euro 2012 in Ukraine

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Most football fans are happy not to be spending an extortionate amount on refreshments in Ukraine as they watch Euro 2012.

The prices are going down well with most Europeans, but some native Ukrainians think they are too high, like one female supporter who said: “For an ordinary Ukrainian – to pay 60 cents for a small bottle of water is ridiculous. The best way is to buy everything in a supermarket, but security won’t let you bring beer or water inside.”

“I think it’s perfect. It really helps to have a good time here. Good prices and it’s very tasty,” remarked one satisfied man from Sweden.

Perhaps it is not surprising the Swedish fan is happy to pay between 1.50 – 2.50 for a beer in Kiev’s fanzone – the average price for half a litre in Sweden is around seven euros.

Retailers have not been cashing in, according to Oleksandr Danylyuk from the Ukrainian Centre for Business Assistance.

“Prices in restaurants and supermarkets haven’t changed. In fan zones and around the stadiums, beer is significantly more expensive. For example, it can cost ten times more, but that’s a maximum of four euros for a beer,” said Danylyuk.

Although fans are not allowed into the fanzones around stadiums with refreshments they have bought in a supermarket, many do not mind paying a small premium to enjoy the atmosphere.