Egyptians march to protest military 'power grab'

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Egyptians march to protest military 'power grab'

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A large protest is due to get underway in Egypt calling for the ruling military council to hand over full constitutional powers to the country’s new president.

The march was organised following the council’s decision to dissolve parliament and claim legislative power for itself. Critics claim they’ve effectively staged a military coup, which the council has denied.

It happened while the second-round presidential election was underway last weekend. The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsy has claimed victory in last weekend’s election runoff, even though the official results aren’t expected until Thursday.

Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq also claims to be ahead in the vote.

“Who chose the parliament? Was it the people or the military council? These people are in a position of power; they don’t want to go back to their barracks,” said unemployed Egyptian Hasan Mohamed.

“Dr Mohamed Morsy, God willing, will have his powers and we will not accept his not having powers, no matter what,” said Cairo resident Abdullah Ahmed.

Analysts say the military council’s latest move is likely to inflame tensions ahead of a proposed July 1 handover of power.