Egypt's military pledge to handover power

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Egypt's military pledge to handover power

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Supporters of Mohammed Morsi celebrated in Tahrir Square what they claimed was a win for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt’s presidential election.

But the vote count remains unclear and official results are not now due to be published until Thursday.

Meanwhile the country’s military council has vowed to hand over power to whoever is elected president by the end of the month.

Speaking after the council had earlier issued an interim constitution giving the generals sweeping powers, Maj-Gen. Mohammed al Assar tried to allay fears of a power grab. He said the new president would be handed all powers vested in the position as the head of the executive authority, with all due respect afforded to a head of state.

Insisting those powers should come to him, Ahmed Shafiq, who was the ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister, is also claiming victory. He has challenged Morsi’s figures accusing him of trying to usurp the presidency.

Whoever is officially declared president later this week, the military’s last minute bid to retain its grip on power has raised the likelihood of confrontation and yet more turmoil in Egypt.