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Greece coalition talks continue on Tuesday


Greece coalition talks continue on Tuesday

Talks are underway to form a coalition government in Greece following Sunday’s forced re-election.
Centre-right party New Democracy failed to grab an outright majority in the second poll, which came about after last month’s failed vote.
Ultra-left wing Syriza, which promised to cancel the terms of the country’s debt bailout, has ruled out joining the government.
The third placed PASOK party, lead by Evangelos Venizelso, said it hoped that coalition talks could be wrapped up by Tuesday to secure 162 seats in the 300 seat parliament.
“I believe if the two parties cooperate, they will succeed, as long as they do what they promised.” said one resident of the Greek capital Athens. “Between them there is a middle road.  Otherwise we can’t go on like this anymore.“  
Another resident said: “The result is great, just great.  There couldn’t have been a better outcome. The people should now let politicians do the job they were voted to do.”
But some analysts the coalition will still struggle to push through further reforms which are necessary to meet future budget targets, conditional on the release of bailout cash.


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