Greeks ponder dramatic choice on decisive day

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Greeks ponder dramatic choice on decisive day

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Some pollsters believe voters arriving at polling stations such were undecided almost till the last minute.

It is thought that in towns and cities, Syriza’s message has struck a chord, while the conservatives of New Democracy may go down slightly better in rural areas.

“I support my interests… I mean I’m a worker… I have supported a left group, a left party. I voted for Syriza, this is my rationality,” said one man in Athens after he cast his ballot.

Another man was thinking beyond party politics:
“If this comes up or the other one comes up I don’t really care. All I care about is stability. If you get stability then you can get everything else – money, jobs – if you don’t have stability you don’t get any investments, you don’t get anything,” he said.

Our correspondent in Athens Laura Davidescu asked:
“How will Greeks decide in such a desperate situation, where each of the two favourite parties accuse the other of leading the country towards failure, even towards apocalypse? If there is a choice, today on Sunday, June 17, it is certainly a very difficult decision between two equally dramatic scenarios.”