Preliminary report into Swiss coach crash

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Preliminary report into Swiss coach crash

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An initial report into one of Switzerland’s worst coach crashes in 30 years is pointing the finger of blame in some way at the driver.

The coach was carrying schoolchildren home to Belgium and the Netherlands from a ski-ing trip in March when it crashed into a tunnel wall on the A9 motorway between Sierre and Sion killing 28 including the driver.

The public prosecutor for the Valais canton, Olivier Elsig, said: “An autopsy only takes a few days but we carried out toxicology analyses which take about three months, and then in April when we came to Belgium we asked for the drivers’ medical records and these files were sent to specialists who are making their reports.”

Twenty-two of the dead were children aged around 12.

It is already known that the 34 year old driver had not drunk alcohol, but the initial findings failed to find any fault with the vehicle, excessive speed, problems with the tunnel itself or the involvement of a third party.

Further test results are expected later in the summer.