An animated history

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An animated history

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Poland fans have Krakow’s resident football ‘oracle’, Citta the elephant for predictions on how their team will fare at Euro 2012.

Ukraine supporters can look to a more animated history for hope in their European campaign.

Remarkably, 40 years ago a mute Soviet cartoon was produced about a Cossack football team that played Sweden, France and England – the same teams Ukraine have been drawn with in this year’s European championships.

Even more astounding – the cartoon shows the Cossacks taking on Sweden in their first match. The armoured Swede’s take the lead first before the Cossack players bounce back to score twice for the win.

Sound familiar? It should – it is exactly how it played out in Ukraine’s Group D opener on Monday.

The cartoon shows the Cossacks continue with triumphant battles against France and then finally England who they beat 13-3.

A prediction that should please the Euro 2012 Co-hosts but certainly not Roy Hodgson and his England side – who Ukraine take on in their final Group D match next Tuesday.