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Suspected vampires exhumed in Bulgaria

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Suspected vampires exhumed in Bulgaria


Two 700-year-old skeletons buried in a pagan ritual to stop them transforming into vampires are to go on display at Bulgaria’s National History Museum.

Both men were stabbed through the heart with iron rods.

The victims were not vampires but were considered bad enough in life to become the mythical monsters after death.

The head of Bulgaria’s National History Museum, is Bozhidar Dimitrov:

“The interesting thing is that “vampire” cases were relatively rare, because in Sozopol we unearthed 700 Christian graves and found only two traces of anti-vampire manipulation.”

Archaeologists discovered the remains while excavating a monastery close to the Black Sea town of Sozopol.

Over 100 similar “vampire” graves have seen the light of day recently all of them male aristocrats or clerics whose bodies had been stabbed or nailed into their coffins after death.

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