EURO 2012: Ukraine's celebration Kid

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EURO 2012: Ukraine's celebration Kid

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As well as Andriy Shevchenko, Tymur Shamanov – a six year old fan – also became the face of victory for Ukraine following Monday’s win over Sweden.

Shamanov became a national hero and internet sensation when he was filmed in a state of pure delight at Shevchenko’s winner.

The two national heroes met later in the week at a training session in Lviv where Shevchenko presented Tymur a team shirt.

‘‘There are no happier parents than us,’‘ said Tymur’s father.

While the boys mother added: ‘‘I agree, but you know it is a bit unusual for us because we are not used to all this attention, it’s new for us.’‘

During the training session Tymur was even put through his paces by one Shevchenko’s two sons.

A memorable day and week for the six-year old – and for an entire nation whose attention has been temporarily diverted from the country’s economic problems and political tension.