No civil war as Syrians continue to die

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No civil war as Syrians continue to die

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The Syrian government has rejected UN claims that the country is in a state of civil war as the violence continues.

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying “Syria is in a war against armed groups that choose terrorism.”

Those opposed to the Assad regime say they are involved in a peaceful uprising.

The fighting is continuing in various parts of the country are there are grave concerns that a blood bath is brewing in the western mountain town of Haffa, where rebel fighters are holed up.

The UN and US have been alerted to a build-up of government forces around the town.

UN observers were shot at as they approached Haffa on Tuesday.

The consequences of the conflict are a growing concern for neighbouring countries.

Ankara has announced that as many as 2,000 Syrian refugees have crossed in Turkey in the last 48-hours in fear for their lives.

According to the United Nations as many as 9,000 people have been killed since the anti-Assad protests began in March of last year, others put the estimates far higher.