Samaras, 'Greek euro anchor'

Antonis Samaras presents himself as the anchor to keep Greece in the euro common currency group. He has also said he wants to renegotiate the last


Tsipras, from words to action

Alexis Tsipras is the lead figure of a coalition of left-wing and radical left parties, but if he succeeds in leading Greece with them he will defy a


Widows struggle for survival

In Najaf, the Holy city of Shi’ite muslims, war has killed thousands of people and left many widowed. At the front of Najaf’s cemetery there is a


A green future for Denmark

When it comes to renewable energy, Denmark is aiming high. By 2020 the country hopes 50 per cent of its energy will come from wind power and by 2050


World Bank warning on growth

The World Bank has warned of tougher times on the horizon for developing economies. It said a long period of volatility in the global economy will


Electric power saves Saab

Saab was once a name associated with innovation in the car market until several changes of ownership ended in bankruptcy. Now the company is poised


Incubating Spanish business

Everyone knows the terrible statistics of the economic crisis in Spain: with unemployment at a record 24%, the country is going through its second