Syria close to spinning out of control

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Syria close to spinning out of control

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There is no let-up in the violence in Syria where on Monday the opposition claims government forces continued to fire artillery pieces into populated areas, and in one instance conducted a ground attack with missile-firing helicopters.

Opposition strongholds in the central province of Homs were pounded, along with Dier al-Zor in the east. In total 52 people were killed according to local human rights watchdogs.

Activists claimed they had pictures of helicopters attacking Rastan, and the death toll in the 15-month-long conflict now stands at over 14,000.

The UN is still trying to impose a ceasefire, but both sides accuse the other of breaking it, and there are not enough UN monitors to watch over the whole country, which it now appears is split into camps, pro and anti-government. The scenario of a full-blooded civil war now hangs over Syria.