Police clash with anti-Pinochet protesters in Chile

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Police clash with anti-Pinochet protesters in Chile

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Police in Chile have clashed with demonstrators protesting against the screening of a documentary praising Augusto Pinochet.

The former dictator remains a highly divisive figure who headed a brutal regime under which more than 3,000 people are thought to have died.

Outside the theatre where the film was being shown, police tried to break up the protests after Pinochet supporters were attacked.

Speaking for the victims of the Pinochet years, Lorena Pizarro said they had asked today’s government not to show the film but they went ahead any way.”

Inside the theatre former ministers and military officials who had served in Pinochet’s military government were applauded by supporters.

Ex-minister Alfonso Marquez said: “The extreme left-wing want us to apologise and to say that the military government was the only one to commit crimes.”

Police were eventually forced to escort Pinochet supporters away from the area.

Demonstration organisers say the film is insensitive and glorifies a murderer while supporters claim the film aims to set the record straight.