French media disappointed with legislative elections turnout

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French media disappointed with legislative elections turnout

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French media said Sunday’s first round legislative elections had underscored the polarisation of politics in the country.

Initial results gave France’s new socialist president Francois Hollande and his allies a likely majority in the National Assembly. A run-off will be held next week.

But many newspapers were disappointed with a record low turnout for legislative elections of just 57 percent.

“There aren’t many surprises in this first round result from what was, I think in many respects, quite a lacklustre campaign. But it is, if you like, a normal result for a normal president,” said Christopher Bickerton from the Institute for Political Studies in Paris.

On the streets of the French capital on Monday morning, some Parisians thought the public were becoming apathetic after the earlier presidential election campaign, which took up the first half of the year.

“There’s definitely been a lack of participation. I hope they’re going to come back for the second round,” said one woman.

“We’ve been talking about politics for too long, for nearly a year, the campaign was a bit long and now I think the French want to talk about other things. And you have the euro and all that. People are not going to vote,” said another resident.

Despite France’s Socialists claiming Sunday’s vote had amplified Francois Hollande’s presidential victory, many French newspapers were not convinced.