Former Egypt president Mubarak suffers heart attack

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Former Egypt president Mubarak suffers heart attack

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Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak remains in a stable but critical condition after reportedly suffering a heart attack on Monday.

French news agency AFP says the ousted leader has been moving in and out of consciousness and continues to refuse food.

Mubarak was convicted on June 2 for his role in the deaths of 850 people during last year’s Arab Spring uprising. The 84-year-old was jailed for life for failing to prevent a brutal suppression of the revolt against his rule.

Speculation has been rife about his state of health since he was moved from a plush military hospital where he was held during his 10-month trial.
He is reported to have suffered an emotional breakdown and has had a stroke.

Prison authorities say his sons Jamal and Alaa, who are waiting trial on corruption charges, can both stay closer to their father.

Over the weekend, about 200 Mubarak supporters held a protest outside his prison demanding that he be moved to a proper hospital.

His weakening health comes just days before a runoff presidential vote in Egypt, to elect his successor.