Mubarak stays in prison hospital amid health rumours

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Mubarak stays in prison hospital amid health rumours

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Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak is slipping in and out of consciousness, eight days after being sentenced to life, according to a security official.

The ex dictator was transferred to a hospital inside a Cairo prison to serve his term.

The authorities have turned down requests to move him back to a military facility.

Mubarak’s close family were given permission to visit him early on Sunday morning.

In Tahrir Square there were mixed views.

“If he’s really ill, he should be moved to a hospital that’s fitting for a president of the republic,” said one Mubarak supporter.

Another man did not agree:
“Mubarak should be treated like any other convict in the country. If they move other sick prisoners to the military hospital then they can do the same for Mubarak. But right now, Mubarak is like any other prisoner,” he said.

The ex president’s health is reported to have collapsed since his conviction last weekend for failing to stop protesters from being killed during the uprising that led to his overthrow early last year.

When he dies he is expected to be buried in the family grave in one of Cairo’s cemeteries.