Second attempt to visit Syria 'massacre' site

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Second attempt to visit Syria 'massacre' site

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United Nations monitors will attempt for a second time on Friday to visit the Syrian village where a reported massacre of 78 people took place.

The observers were turned back from Mazraat al Qabeer in Hama province after the team were shot at. None of the monitors was injured in the attack.

Activists claim many of the killings, which included up to 40 women and children, were carried out by a pro-government militia.

Witnesses say the feared “ghost” army arrived in the village on Wednesday evening carrying guns and knives.

Unverified amateur video, purportedly shot on Thursday, shows burning buildings and explosions in the town of Talbisah on the outskirts of Homs.

Other video is thought to show residents fleeing the bombardment in other neighbourhoods of the city.

Activists say as many as 28 people, including 19 civilians, were killed on Thursday.

Four people including a child were killed in a town 10 kilometres from the Lebanese border, which was bombed by government helicopters.

Elsewhere, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and other activists say there were deadly attacks near the coastal town of Latakia, as well as in the northern Aleppo province and Duma, near the capital Damascus.