Friends and family bid farewell to Gibb

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Friends and family bid farewell to Gibb

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Former Bee Gees front man Robin Gibb has been buried in a ceremony in Thame, England.

His brother Barry, now the last-surviving Bee Gee, led the mourners flanked by two Irish wolfhounds.

He gave an emotional tribute, speaking of Robin’s “magnificent mind” and his “beautiful heart”.

A number of other celebrities were also present.

Before the funeral, Robin’s ornate white coffin had been led out of the gates of his home and through the streets of Thame, allowing the general public to pay tribute.

Afterwards the Gibb family, including Robin’s sons Spencer and RJ and wife Dwina placed red roses on his coffin.

The singer died in London on May 20 after a long struggle with liver and colon cancer.

Fellow Bee Gee Maurice died in 2003 and Andy Gibb died at age 30 in 1988.

The group were responsible for a string of hits as “Jive Talkin”, “Stayin’ Alive” and “Massachusetts”.