Families facing eviction take fight to Bankia

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Families facing eviction take fight to Bankia

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A small group of homeowners facing eviction took direct action in Madrid today, storming a local branch of the recently nationalised Bankia.

Part of the #CierraBankia, or CloseBankia group, they are angry 19 billion euros of public money has saved the suits, while they lose their homes.

“We want to demand that those managers and politicians who allowed risky loans, speculation and these disastrous financial bailouts be tried and jailed,” said one mortgage holder.

Bankia is responsible for 80% of the evictions in Madrid. #CierraBankia claims it refuses to negotiate with debtors.

“It’s very bad, the government should be on our side, not with the banks because with all the homes they have taken people are being left on the streets with their children and the elderly,” said one woman.

Some 50,000 people were evicted in Spain last year, double the 2008 figure, and 150,000 familes face imminent eviction.