Brindisi bomb suspect's "private motives"

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Brindisi bomb suspect's "private motives"

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More details are emerging of the man Italian police say has confessed to the May 19 school bombing that killed a teenage girl.

Giovanni Vantaggiato, 68, was arrested on Wednesday after he and his car were picked up by CCTV cameras near the Brindisi school shortly before the bomb went off.

Police say he confessed to planting the bomb after five hours of interrogation.

“He admitted to detonating it the morning rather than at night time, because at night there was nobody around,” said Prosecutor Cataldo Motta. “As far as a motive is concerned the man did not want to say anything.”

Melissa Bassi, 16, was killed and five students injured when the bomb made from three gas canisters went off.

On hearing the suspect has two daughters of his own, Melissa’s father, Massimo, said: “This man, if I can call him a man, is not a father. He has destroyed both my family and his own.”

Vantaggiato runs a small fuel storage business in a village close to Brindisi and also owns a yacht. There has been speculation in Italian media that the motive may have been linked to a court case in which Vantaggiato failed to receive compensation. Investigators had initially thought there might be mafia involvement.