US will work with 'any country' that wants a democratic Syria

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US will work with 'any country' that wants a democratic Syria

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The situation in Syria continues to dominate diplomatic events, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussing the crisis at the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum in Istanbul.

She said America would cooperate with anyone who is against the current leadership.

“We are prepared to work with any country, including all members of the Security Council, and we will do so so long as any such gathering starts from the basic premise that Assad and his regime must give way to a new democratic Syria,” Clinton added.

The Global Counterterrorism Forum is meant to bring traditional allies, emerging powers and Muslim-majority countries together in tackling terrorism.

However, the recent massacre in Qubair, where up to 75 people were allegedly killed by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has once again brought international criticism.

During the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, Russia and China confirmed their stance on Syria.

Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping said: “China and Russia’s position on the Syria issue is clear. We are firmly against other countries using any means to interfere in the Syria issue. We still maintain that the Syria issue should be resolved by the Syrian people themselves”.

Nevertheless, Moscow has indicated it would have no problem with Assad leaving or handing over power, as long as the decision came from within Syria.