Spanish prosecutor warns parents to 'belt-up'

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Spanish prosecutor warns parents to 'belt-up'

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In Spain the Chief Prosecutor for Road Safety has warned parents to buckle up their children properly or face the consequences.

The proposed new measures come after a two year long study into road safety. If the law is passed, parents could be prosecuted for murder if their child dies in a traffic accident and the basic safety precautions are not carried out.

Data found that 46 percent of child car crash fatalities in 2010 were the result of either children not wearing a seatbelt or car seats not being properly fitted.

Parents caught failing to follow this safety protocol on more than three occasions, will face social services.

Public transport has also came under the cosh with authorities planning to make car seats for children in all buses and taxis a legal requirement.

Bartolomé Vargas, Road Safety Prosecutor explained: “The road safety law should contain a clear prohibition of circulation for public and private transport for children without the suitable systems of protection and retention.

However one taxi driver did not agree saying: “I think that the people who think up these kind of things in an office, have no idea of reality. What if someone came with two children? How could we fit two car seats in the boot?”

Though the planned tougher legislation is solely for Spain, it is thought the new rules could be implemented throughout Europe.