Cameron warns Merkel to take action on euro crisis

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Cameron warns Merkel to take action on euro crisis

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British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the euro is at risk without decisive action from Berlin.
The British premier came to the German capital with a message: that Merkel must move quickly to save the single currency’s stricken economies.

Britain also wants Germany to accept the idea of eurobonds, the joint issuing of eurozone debt.

Merkel told reporters that all EU members have a common interest in solid budgets, growth and jobs, as well as improving welfare.

Cameron said deeper political union is the answer to solving the euro’s woes.

“I have no doubt that the single currency countries will want to seek a greater integration, that is clearly going to happen over the coming months and years,” he said.

“We know that it is necessary for the single currency to deal with this issues, so that it can work properly in the future”.

Merkel said in a German television interview that she would be prepared to accept a ‘two-speed’ Europe if some countries opposed closer ties.

It was seen as a veiled swipe at the UK, which is tradtionally eurosceptic and hostile to surrending powers to Brussels.