Putin and Hu Jintao confirm Syria stance on 3-day China visit

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Putin and Hu Jintao confirm Syria stance on 3-day China visit

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Russia and China both agree there should be no foreign intervention in Syria.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is in Beijing for a state visit and is being hosted by his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao.

The Chinese president, who also heads up the Communist Party, welcomed Putin at the start of the a three-day visit.

The most significant global issue is the confirmation that both countries as permament members of the UN Security Council, are against a military operation or regime change in Syria.

In fact, Russia and China have already used their veto powers to block the condemnation or calls to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry added that the Syrian conflict must be resolved through negotiations between the various groups in the country.

Putin and Jintao will also talk about Russia’s desire to increase economic cooperation with China.

Moscow hopes to sign on a multi-billion dollar agreement for the supply of Russian gas to China. Negotiations over price have, so far, prevented a deal.