Kasdan makes dog of a movie

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Kasdan makes dog of a movie

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Laurence Kasdan’s new movie “Darling Companion”, co-scripted with wife Meg and based on their own experience while on holiday in the Rocky mountains, pairs Diane Keaton with Kevin Kline.
The setup for the adult comedy is as simple as could be.

“It’s a story about a woman who loves her dog more than her husband and then her husband loses the dog,” explains Kasdan.

This tale of canine craziness gives paws for thought and makes no bones about the perils of marriage, as the story sinks its teeth into the couple and worries them to death. We just roll over and laugh.

“The search for the dog becomes the catalyst of a story about relationships and all the people who enter the search for the dog and various kinds of companionship, because the center of the thing is the marriage of Kevin Kline and Diane Keaton and a long-term marriage that has frayed over time.”

Capturing the intimacy and range a 30-year marriage implies is no easy acting feat, but Keaton and Kline make it look easy.

“We lose the dog, it makes us all stay together this weekend to search for the dog. And that’s just the starting point and then what happens with these people and judgments and misjudgments and rash judgments and rethinking and perceptions change and little things suddenly escalate into big things and people are suddenly lost in the woods,” says Kline.

With a stong supporting cast “Darling Companion” is bidding to be a summer hit, and is rolling out in Europe right now.

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