Berlin police arrest 'Canadian Psycho' suspect

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Berlin police arrest 'Canadian Psycho' suspect

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Police have confirmed the man arrested in Berlin is the Canadian suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta, dubbed the ‘Canadian Psycho’.

According to investigators, Magnotta was looking up articles about himself on the web when he was caught in an internet cafe on Monday.

He had also posted videos of himself stabbing a man and killing kittens online before going on the run.

The 29-year-old porn star was detained by seven German police officers.

Kadir Anlayisli, the internet cafe employee who recognised Magnotta described what happened: “Magnotta came into the cafe and said he wanted to browse the internet. I told him to sit at the number 25 computer. At that moment, I thought I had seen him somewhere, and then I realised he was the one wanted by the police.

“I didn’t call them on the phone. I went out to find a policeman on the street. I told them that the wanted man is in my internet cafe. They came into the cafe and caught him.”

Before fleeing to France and sparking an international manhunt, Magnotta is accused of killing 33-year-old Jun Lin, who he had previously had a relationship with.

Canadian police say Magnotta filmed the killing and sent Lin’s body parts to two of Canada’s top political parties.