The Mubarak verdict: a mother's tale

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The Mubarak verdict: a mother's tale

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Moaz was one of the victims of Egypt’s January 25 revolution. He died after being beaten by the Egyptian police during the violent events in Tahrir Square.

‘euronews’ went to his home to meet his mother.

The Mubarak judgement has created tension in all Egyptian towns and cities.
There are protests everywhere, and many Egyptians are demanding that the verdicts be overturned.

Holding a banner bearing the picture of Moaz, his brother told euronews at a protest in Tahrir Square: “It was a shock for us. We’ve been upset by these unjust rulings. We have the impression that the Mubarak regime hasn’t gone and that the martyrs spilt their blood for nothing.”

His mother added: “I will come to Tahrir Square every day until I win the fight for my son Moaz, and until the state and the military council answer our demands. I will not relinquish his rights nor his blood.”

Our correspondent in Cairo, Riad Muasses explained that Moaz’s mother is like hundreds of Egyptian mothers who lost their children to the revolution. “They are protesting,” he said, “because they categorically refuse to accept the verdicts on Mubarak and his co-defendants.”