Clinton warns Russia over Syria policy

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Clinton warns Russia over Syria policy

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that Russia’s policy towards Syria will lead to civil war.

Her comments come after claims that a Russian cargo ship, heavily laden with weapons from Moscow, arrived in Syria last weekend.

Clinton said the possibility of international military intervention was growing as western leaders predict that the situation in Syria is deteriorating towards all-out civil war.

There is confusion over whether the Free Syrian Army has set a Friday deadline for the government to re-commit to the ceasefire. Rebels are threatening to abandon the truce.

George Sabra, the Brussels-based spokesman for the Syrian National Council said: “Mr Annan’s peace plan is on life support. We still expect concrete results on the ground but until now, the truce has not worked. The Syrian people hope the plan will survive.”

Damascus has released the details of a preliminary investigation into last week’s massacre of 108 people in Houla. The government blamed what it called “terrorist armed groups” whose ambition, it said, was to force the West to intervene in the uprising.

The dying continues in Houla, according to activists. Unverified videos purportedly show funerals taking place on Thursday for two more people killed in recent violence.

Although euronews cannot verify the footage which was uploaded to a social media website, it is said to show continued fighting in the town.