Pope denounces press coverage of 'Vatileaks' scandal

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Pope denounces press coverage of 'Vatileaks' scandal

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Pope Benedict XVI has denounced what he called the false media coverage of a leaks scandal that has rocked the Vatican.

The pontiff spoke out after the arrest of his butler,
who has been charged with aggravated theft, after several private papal documents were leaked to the press. Paolo Gabriele is being held within the Vatican by the city state’s police force.

“Accusations have multiplied and been amplified by some media that are totally unwarranted and which have gone well beyond the facts, offering an image of the Holy See which does not reflect reality,” said Pope Benedict.

Meanwhile Journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, whose book sparked the scandal maintains that he was just doing his job and claims there are more than ten whistleblowers.

The book contains private Vatican correspondence which allege cronyism, corruption within the church and internal conflicts over the management of the Vatican’s own bank.