Freed French journalist: " FARC treated me well"

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Freed French journalist: " FARC treated me well"

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Freed French journalist Romeo Langlois has emerged from the Colombian jungle with no complaints about his treatment at the hands of FARC rebels.

Langlois who works for a French television channel had been held for over a month but was eventually handed to a group of international mediators. He later gave a short news conference.

“I repeat that I accept the apologies and I am coming out of this without spite. But I don’t agree with the decision of keeping me for 33 days for that reason I think that once again politics dominated the humanitarian side,” Langlois told his captors and fellow journalists.

Langlois who has been reporting on Colombia’s rebel movement for more than a decade was taken hostage when caught up in a fire fight while embedded with a Colombian military unit.

Although sustaining an injury during the initial cross fire, the 35-year-old said he had been shown respect and given medical treatment.
It is believed Langlois will return home to France shortly.