80 arrests during illegal Moscow rally

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80 arrests during illegal Moscow rally

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More than 80 people have been arrested during an unauthorised protest in Russia’s capital Moscow.

The group were campaigning against plans to introduce new legislation that will curb street demonstrations.

Russia’s ruling United Russia party has toughened a controversial draft law which would prevent protesters using the internet to expand support.

“We don’t need those who suppress freedom and truth, we need an honest and free country, I’m sick and tired of living in this disgusting place,” said protester Angelina Tsaava, who lives in Moscow.

Opposition activists say the government is attempting to restrain a protest movement against President Vladimir Putin which has gathered strength in recent months.

Rallies are held on the 31st of every 31 day month – as article 31 of Russia’s constitution enshrines the right to public gatherings.

Eduard Limonov, a famous Russian writer and activist, was detained soon after arriving at the rally.

The new law, which is likely to be approved next week, will see protesters face fines of up to 10,000 euros.