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State of emergency to tackle Peru anti-mining protesters


State of emergency to tackle Peru anti-mining protesters

Peru’s army and police have been given special powers in an effort to end anti-mining protests, which have turned violent.

Two people have been killed and 40 injured as demonstrators clashed with police near a copper mine in the southern region of Cusco.

Whilst President Ollanta Humala is pushing for mediation, the government says it will use force to ensure the safety of people living nearby.

“To protect the security of all the residents in the area and the free transit of all Peruvians in the Cusco region, today, under a supreme decree, the government declares a state of emergency,” said Prime Minister Oscar Valdes.

The state of emergency has been declared for 30 days.

Protesters say the Swiss-owned mine is contaminating local water supplies and making animals sick.


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