Ex-Mubarak PM's office is set ablaze

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Ex-Mubarak PM's office is set ablaze

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The campaign head quarters of Ahmed Shafiq were set ablaze last night. Demonstrators were furious that the man who had served as Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister had made it through to the run-off in Egypt’s presidential election.

A Shafiq campaign volunteer described what had happened:

“Some thugs arrived, who knows who they were, and they set fire to our storage. I don’t know why. I mean, the ballot box should decide. What are they afraid of?”

Later several thousand protesters took to the streets in Cairo and into Tahrir Square to demonstrate against the first-round result.

The historic vote has produced a run-off between two of the most controversial figures in the field, Shafiq and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi.

Many Egyptians are wary of either Islamist rule or a possible return to a military backed system. They are disappointed that the candidates are not more representative of their demand for change.

Voters are due to head back to the ballot box in mid June.