Russia and UK united in criticising Syria

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Russia and UK united in criticising Syria

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Britain and Russia have joined the international condemnation of the latest massacre in Syria, in which over 100 adults and children lost their lives. Hopes are now pinned on the success of the UN’s Special Envoy, Kofi Annan’s peace plan.

UK Foreign Minister William Hague met with his Russian counterpart in Moscow, where Syria has dominated the agenda.

Afterwards Hague said: “It is part of the pattern of behaviour of the Assad regime, I believe, to commit atrocities and then try to blame those atrocities on other people and so we must always have our eyes open to that – difficult as it will be to determine what has happened in any individual incident.”

Criticism from Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov was more restrained. He said both sides are to blame for the recent outburst of killing.

“It’s very important that all sides play the same game – that is the implementation of Annan’s plan, and not the game of regime change. We have to choose our priorities. What do we want, to achieve our political goals or save lives? That’s the question.” he said.

The UN has condemned Syria for its use of heavy weaponry in the town of Houla, where at least 108 people, a majority of which were women and children, died.

Kofi Annan is set to hold talks with the Syrian government in an attempt to stem the fighting. However, his calls for ceasefires and political negotiations have as yet done little to end the bloodshed.