Bosnian couple accused of enslavement

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Bosnian couple accused of enslavement

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Police in north east Bosnia have detained a couple on suspicion of beating and starving a German teenager for years.

The 19-year-old girl had allegedly been used as a slave since 2004.

A neighbour told the local police the Marinkovics had at one point harnessed the girl to a horse cart and forced her to pull it.

Neighbour Cazim Makalic said: “I couldn’t watch it any more. I was worried about how they starved her, and how they beat her. Why did they beat her when she did all the work for them.”

The girl who was described as being in a bad physical and psychological state has been removed to a place of safety while prosecutors look into the case.

Prosecution spokesperson, Damir Arnautovic said: “The involvement of the girl’s mother is still being investigated. At the moment she is being questioned as a witness.”

The girl’s German mother, who told reporters to go away, still lives in the area and had once been married to Mr Marinkovic, who with his current wife is being accused of enslavement.