Greek anger at Lagarde tax avoidance comments

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Greek anger at Lagarde tax avoidance comments

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Greeks have reacted angrily to comments made by Christine Lagarde in the Guardian Newspaper reprimanding them for tax avoidance.

According to the British daily, when asked about the people of Greece the International Monetary Fund chief said she was more concerned with poor children in Africa who have inadequate health care and education.

She said when she thinks of social services in Athens, she thinks of all those people in Greece that have been trying to escape tax for years.

Dimiris a cafe owner in Athens said: “Those two to three thousand people that have committed suicide, for what are they to blame?”

While George, a retired plane mechanic spoke of his recent pension cut: “I started out with a pension of 1780 euros. Now I get 1220. What am I supposed to say to my disabled child? That Ms. Lagarde is conducting experiments at my expense?”

Kaiti, a pensioner said she thinks the IMF chief is out of touch: “Ms. Lagarde needs to come to visit the people, and not the politicians, so she can see whether we are hungry, how often we work and what we have paid the state. My Husband has worked for 40 years and paid his dues, he has the right to a decent pension.”

While many reacted angrily there were others who admitted there is a problem of tax avoidance in Greece, and it is well known to politicians inside and outside of the country.