Launch of Scotland independence campaign

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Launch of Scotland independence campaign

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Supporters of Scottish independence from the UK officially kicked off their campaign on Friday in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh.

It will be another two and a half years before the referendum which will decide whether to sever a union that has lasted 305 years.

After the Scottish National Party’s triumph in last year’s general election, they finally gained the power to force a referendum.

“If the parliament can run education, then why can’t it run the economy? If it can be trusted to run the health service, then why can’t it represent Scotland internationally? If it can be trusted to protect our old people, then why can’t we protect the country, and do so without the obscenity of nuclear weapons?” First Minister Alex Salmond said at the launch.

Since devolution in 1999, the Scottish government has run many of the country’s affairs.

However, there are still a few sticking points in the referendum that need to be agreed with British Prime Minister David Cameron.