Cannes Film Festival: The Suicide Shop

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Cannes Film Festival: The Suicide Shop

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A slightly sinister entry into this year’s Cannes film festival comes from French film director Patrice Leconte.

The Suicide Shop, his first venture into feature film animation shows a grey and hopeless world where miserable people want to do only one thing, commit suicide. Mr. and Mrs. Tuvache run a shop to provide people with all they need to top themselves. This morbid musical is an adaption of a novel by Jean Teulé.

Speaking to euronews Patrice Leconte said:

“The hook for this film which I find very funny is, you’ve failed in life, so why not succeed in death. It’s not at all an apology for suicide nor a mockery, it’s just a state of affairs. A society in crisis where people have lost their taste and have nothing.

“And then there is a little guy, the little Alain who’s eight years old. He will end all this sadness and restore people’s taste for life. So it’s a fable, a modern fable, but terribly entrenched in our society, that’s what I like.”