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Moscow tells Baku to 'Grab a Granny' for Eurovision


Moscow tells Baku to 'Grab a Granny' for Eurovision

A group of grandmothers is hardly the first to spring to mind when you think of Russian girl bands.
The Buranovo Grannies — combined age more than 400 — are amongst the favourites to scoop top prize at this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan.
They beat off 24 other bands and singers in a television competition to decide Russia’s entrant.
There are lofty expectations back home.
Pop-tastic pensioner Natalia Pugacheva said their families and neighbours have put a lot of pressure on them to perform well.
Whatever the result, their song “Party For Everybody” looks set to go down in Eurovision folklore. But will it be for the right reasons?
Euronews’ Galina Polonskaya managed to gain an exclusive interview with the in-demand divas.
She says the Grannies are holed up in a secret location outside the country’s capital of Baku.
Band member Zafira cooks fresh bread for them each day before they set to work on their dance moves.
The Buranovo Grannies hail from a small village
of some six hundred people from where they take their name.
But the whole world will be watching this weekend: An estimated 125 million people tune in to Eurovision each year.


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