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Cannes: Antiviral by Cronenberg son


Cannes: Antiviral by Cronenberg son

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Horror flick Antiviral, competing at Cannes, was directed by Brandon Cronenberg, son of the more famous David.

David Cronenberg, who was on the red carpet to promote his son’s film, is best known for his dark films like “The Fly” and “Crash”. He also has a film in competition at Cannes, “Cosmopolis”. Happily for family harmony however, the two films are competing in different categories.

Antiviral is certainly unremittingly dark, dealing with a world in which sick-minded celebrity-chasers pay to be infected by viruses illegally culled from their famous heros and heroines. Reviews have so far been thoroughly lukewarm, and even if that doesn’t put you off, the close-ups of needles going into veins come thick and fast making this a film to avoid like the (er) plague if you’re scared of needles, dislike doctors and normally avoid thinking about death.

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