Lebanese army battles gunmen in Beirut

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Lebanese army battles gunmen in Beirut

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Daylight in Beirut saw the Lebanese army in action as the sound of gunfire contiued to send shivers through the capital.

Two men were killed and two others arrested after soldiers forced entry to a building into which gunmen had fled. The locals let the army know what they thought about it, applauding and cheering once the firefight had ended.

It followed a night of gunbattles after the army came under attack from unidentified assailants.

At least four soldiers were wounded in the clashes, and a quantiity of arms and ammunition was seized.

Two decades of relative calm after a shattering civil war
are being strained by the Syrian conflict next door, as Shia and Sunni, pro and anti-Assad camps choose sides.

On Tuesday angry Shi’ites blocked roads to protest at the alleged abduction across the border by the mainly Sunni Syrian rebels of a dozen Lebanese Shi’ites.