Egypt: A step closer to democracy

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Egypt: A step closer to democracy

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Voting has resumed on the second of Egypt’s two day presidential vote, a crucial stage in the transition to democracy for the most populous Arab state.

The army-led transition has been turbulent so far, the scene of protests, violence and political disputes, but yesterdays voting passed largely without incident.
However one candidate Ahmed Shafiq – who had served as prime minister during the final days of Hosni Mubarak’s regime was the victim of a stone throwing attack yesterday.

According to candidate campaign offices, Amr Moussa who also served under the deposed leader, as foreign minister, is among the favourites. But the front runner is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamad Mursi.

Following an expected run off vote in mid-June, the ruling military council is set to hand over power to the new president by the first of July, although the military will continue to wield significant power in the country.